Professional Developmental Editing

Yes! I’m an editor. But hold on. If you’re on my page you’ve undoubtedly noticed a typo. I’ve got friends proofreading my web content but it likely won’t be enough. I’ve never figured out where to put my commas and I think I’ve diagramed one sentence in my many years of schooling.

I’ve skated by with amazing line editors and friends that tend to enjoy catching grammar mistakes. (We all have these friends. Use the wrong “there” on Facebook and they should come running out of the woodwork).

So how am I an editor? Because there is a second type. One that doesn’t necessarily focus on grammar (although I will mark it if I catch it—not often).

I’m a developmental editor. Don’t breathe too big of a sigh of relief, this one might be scarier than line editors or proofreaders. It’s the editor that sits down and takes apart the story, characters, arcs, and world-building. We make sure that if a second character is name Molly in the first two chapters, they aren’t Maggie in the last handful. It’s about pacing. If your book is a horse, did they break out of the gate only to eat some clover in the middle?

I help these lucky (?) few craft their books into being more dynamic reads.