Nathan Pieplow

Nathan Pieplow


Last year when we were all locked away in our houses (and with my auto-immune disease my locks were turned a bit tighter than most), I got a little stir crazy. Yes, writing is something you can do on your own but I’m a very social person.

There is a ridiculously talented author in my critique group. He has professionally published two books on bird sounds (his knowledge of birds is near superhero talent). Where he really shines is with sentence structure, description, and words. If I’m an artist who paints in broad strokes, he’s the one who has a very detailed paintbrush.

He’s got the talent to write beautiful prose and I’m more of a fast-paced “bubblegum” genre gal. Before Covid, we met regularly with the agreement that I would hold his feet to the fire on writing a novel and he’d teach me “pretty” writing (my word choice not his). With Covid and isolation facing us, I asked him to collaborate on a novel. I’d give it the fast pacing and angsty characters and he’d make it something beautiful. And he did. And it’s done. We’re currently seeking representation for it.

Charged is a novel set in the mid-1920s. It follows Calla, an inspiring mathematician, who’s been drawn into a world of mediums and psychics. With the Designed books I attempted to meld my love of medicine with sci-fi. This is similar, but instead of biology, we’re looking at physics.