The Lucid Design

Lucid is the next big drug.
It gives its user the ability to sense and control other people’s bodies. Scientists and drug dealers seek its power.
…….But there’s a catch. This drug can’t be made in a lab, only by the rare person’s body.

Raleigh is an anomaly who makes an extraordinary amount of Lucid. Now she’s being hunted for the drug in her veins. She finds and unlikely ally in a boy named Rho, who also makes the drug, but he isn’t what he seems. His origins are unusual and his past tainted.

Nothing is straightforward and no matter what she chooses someone will get hurt. Raleigh’s learning that Lucid isn’t the drug she thinks it is, nor is she the girl everyone expects.

The Lucid Trade

Would you hide or fight?

In siding with the Designed Raleigh has entered into a world of peril. The synthetic trade is picking up speed. It needs to be stopped and Raleigh plans on being the one to do it.

In order to save herself and the rest of the Designed from being drained of their Lucid by their enemies, Raleigh is forced to work with Chi, whose loyalties are torn, and Tau, who believes she’s working for their enemy and intends to prove it.

The Lucid trade is volatile and the men involved malicious. Raleigh’s strong, but is she skilled enough to take them down?

Can she end the synthetic trade before it ends her?